Active business (no start ups)


Generate $20,000 a month in deposits


Have a business checking account (Access to online banking required)


Step 1 - Company Information


Step 2 - Owner Information


Step 3 - Confirmation

Please sign the application using your mouse as best as you can.

Each of the applicants represented on this application hereby give express consent to Stirling investment group , Inc to pull credit history information.

Hold mouse button down and draw your signature on the line.
It does not have to be exact.

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By signing this document you understand the statements above and agree to them.

The Merchant and Owner(s)/Officer(s) identified above (individually, an “Applicant”) each represents, acknowledges and agrees that (1) all information and documents provided to Stirling investment group, Inc. (“Company”) including credit card processor statements are true, accurate and complete, (2) Applicant will immediately notify Company of any change in such information or financial condition, (3) Applicant authorizes Company to disclose all information and documents that Company may obtain including credit reports to other persons or entities (collectively, “Assignees”) that may be involved with or acquire commercial loans or purchases of future receivables including Merchant Cash Advance transactions, including without limitation the application therefore (collectively, “Transactions”) and each assignee is authorized to use such information and documents and share such information and documents with other Assignees, in connection with potential Transactions, (4) Each Assignee will rely upon the accuracy and completeness of such information and documents (5) Company, Assignees, and each of their representatives, successors, assigns and designees (collectively, “Recipients”) are authorized to request and receive any investigative reports, credit reports, statements from creditors or financial institutions, verification of information, or any other information that a recipient deems necessary, (6) Applicant waives and releases any claims against Recipients and any information providers arising from any act or omission relating to the requesting, receiving or release of information, and (7) Each Owner/Officer represents that he or she is authorized to sign this form on behalf of Merchant.